The Gray Room


Houston Audio 1 2
This room features the McIntosh 2.1 K system, the best McIntosh has to offer. You can also demo Focal Utopia Maestros  powered by Naim 555 Amps.
C1100C C1100T D1100 Angle Left

McIntosh Platinum Reference System

C1100 Preamp

D1100 Digital Preamp

MP1100 Phono Preamp

MCD600 SACD Transport and Pre Amp

MT10 Turntable

MC2KW Power Amps

MC1.25KW Power Amps

XRT2.1K Floor-Standing Speakers


Music Sources / Transports

VPI Avenger Reference Turntable

Other Speakers​

Focal Utopia Maestro EVO Floor-Standing Loud Speakers

maestro utovia evo noyer fonce

Some Restrictions Apply