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Media Center
A beautiful livingroom with McIntosh amplifiers for the Magnificent Sonus Faber IL Cremonese.

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Home Theater &

High Fidelity Listening Room

A full custom home theater designed and built by HAHT.

McIntosh Gear:

  • MX123 Processor
  • C2700 Preamp
  • 3 X C830 Power Amp
  • MT5 Turntable
  • MCT500 CD/SACD Transport

Marantz Gear:

  • MM8077 Power Amp
  • MM7025 Power Amp
  • NA6006 Network Audio Player

Klipsch Gear:

  • 2 X R-7 III Speakers
  • RC-62 III Center Channel
  • 4 X PRO- 180-RPC In-Ceiling Speakers
  • 4 X PRO-180-RPW In-wall Speakers

2 X Salamander Synergy Triple 20 Core Module

Epson 6050UB Projector & 

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Media Center
A modern traditional living room with a McIntosh, Naim and Focal system with power to blow the roof off!

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High Fidelity Listening Room
An excellent retro Inspired Hi-Fi listening room featuring Klipsch loudspeakers from the Heritage collection being powered by  McIntosh and Naim that will stand the test of time.


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