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Home Theater Installations

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Home Theater Design and Installation

Your own oasis awaits. Work with our designers to plan and craft the home theater of your dreams, and let our experts source and manage the project from concept to completion. 

Create your own private cinema with immersive  Full HD and native 4K projectors that offer unmatched clarity. The latest technology ensures wow-factor viewing of movies, television, sports and gaming. The cost of home projectors can range from $2,000 to well over $75,000, and is dictated by the lenses, light generator, video processing and build quality.

There’s nothing worse than a too-small screen in an otherwise perfect home theater.  We’ll calculate room dimensions, optimal seating area, and ceiling height to ensure the perfect fit. 

Your home theater needs to provide hours of entertainment, which means choosing seating that’s designed for comfort, but also the best viewing experience possible for everyone in the room. Choose from a wide range of leather and plush recliners, modular sectionals ergonomically designed for unrivaled support.

Nothing matters more to your home theater than the right speakers. Don’t settle for conventional stereo, which creates two-channel sound only in front of you. Choose multi-channel surround sound which places audio around you in a three-dimensional environment, bringing your movies and games to life. Choose from concealed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers, beautiful floor-standing speakers or a combination of both for the sublime experience you deserve.

The immense effect white and RGB LED lighting from Lutron to personalize your furniture, walls and ceilings, entryways and even your home theater equipment can’t be ignored. Incorporate dimmable LED downlighting for low heat illumination and add beautiful layers of light along the walls with decorative sconces. No matter how complex your lighting design, we make sure the lights dim with ease when you press play.

The home theater design and installation process can be a smooth one, with the right team in place. We work with interior designers and builders to help with selections such as carpet, fabrics, seating and wall sconces. Every room is custom designed based on room specifications, budgets and client goals by our team of industry professionals. We will ensure that all room equipment and finishes are installed and calibrated to perfection so that you and your family will be able to enjoy many happy years of in-home entertainment.

What makes a home theater?

To recreate this experience at home, we suggest our clients begin with a windowless room. Whether you choose a projector or 100 in. OLED, controlled lighting is key to optimal viewing. Next, we add theater style seating. Then we begin to customize the room with a theme to express your personal flare. By adding colors, fabrics and textures to provide a truly unique cinema experience. 

The last step is adding signature sound. Sound is more than half the experience.  Utilizing the latest and most powerful innovations in dedicated audio equipment, we ensure that you not only hear the characters moving throughout the room but you also feel their blasts.

Our demo products represent the strengths in each of the brands we carry and let you experience the distinct product and price levels. Of course as a reference dealer we can access the complete line of products for any brand we carry. Once you find the level of audio equipment you desire, you can explore the subtle nuances within the models if you need.

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