VPI - 40th Anniversary Direct Drive w/ Gimbal Fatboy


VPI - 40th Anniversary Direct Drive w/ Gimbal Fatboy

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VPI – 40th Anniversary Direct Drive w/ Gimbal Fatboy

• 40th Anniversary Edition HW-40
• Limited to Only 400 40th Anniversary Turntables!
• Specially Numbered with Serial Numbers 001-400
• JMW-12- Fatboy Gimbal
• Chassis Composition: Aluminum and Solid Black Walnut (Stained)
Platter Type & Size: 12″ Aluminum Platter, 25LBS
• Wired with Nordost Reference Wire
• Direct Drive Motor
• New VTA Base on the Fly
• Dustcover Included
• Internal Circuitry and Power
• Made in the USA

VPI’s efforts to create the next generation direct drive table have been well worth the time, effort and money invested in this project. We have created an extra powerful, yet ultra-quiet direct-drive motor, resulting in unprecedented rotational smoothness and relatively unmeasurable wow-and-flutter.

The isolation system that grew out of our research is also first class and provides cutting edge isolation performance.

With the combination of 40 years of global award-winning table design, the inclusion of the new 3D Gimbal Fat-Boy tonearm, our new state of the art direct drive technology, and an isolation system that lowers all noise levels, VPI has created a turntable that truly demonstrates what is possible from vinyl playback technology in 2019: the VPI 40th Anniversary HW-40!

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