Tributaries - Balanced Audio Cables - Mono (8ABM Series 8)



Tributaries - Balanced Audio Cables - Mono (8ABM Series 8)

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Tributaries – Balanced Audio Cables – Mono (8ABM Series 8)

Most professional audio components require signals that are transmitted over balanced connections using differential mode signaling. Balanced audio is the highest quality of analog audio distribution. Tributaries best balanced cables were designed exclusively by Jay Victor using a triple balanced design with dedicated conductors for the positive, negative and ground connections. A cable shield is connected on the source end only to prevent noise from getting into the signal. Different conductor gauges are combined and insulated thus isolating the different frequency ranges; the cable gains clarity and the sound becomes more open and transparent.

  • Conductor –  LC-OFC
  • Gauge – 20AWG
  • Conductor Geometry – Multi-Gauge
  • Balance Design –  Triple Balanced
  • Copper Shielding – 95% OFC Braid
  • Aluminum Wrap – 100%
  • Jacket – Black/Silver

We only list Series 8 online  – other Series are available by phone. 713-218-8120

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