McIntosh-WS350 In-Wall Loudspeaker

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McIntosh-WS350 In-Wall Loudspeaker


The key to the WS350 In-Wall Loudspeaker’s performance lies in the unique deep drawn aluminum back enclosure that houses the driver array. This design minimizes sound transmission into adjoining rooms, keeping the sound from escaping through the walls of the listening room and helping to deliver encompassing surround sound. The WS350 features one 8” woofer, one 4” midrange and five 1” tweeters. The black frame’s flanges can be painted to match your wall color. A white aluminum grille magnetically attaches to the frame and covers the entire speaker and frame; the grille can also be painted to match your wall color.

A wall cutout template and paint mask are included. Contact your local dealer to learn more.

Some Restrictions Apply