Isotek - EVO3 SIRIUS



Isotek - EVO3 SIRIUS


Isotek – EVO3 SIRIUS

Without mains power, no audio or audio-visual component can function. Your musical enjoyment is reduced by mains noise
contamination – this can be from either Differential or Common Mode mains noise. Differential noise is created by the power
supplies in all electronic devices, while Common Mode noise in introduced by RFI and the wireless communications that are
becoming increasingly common. With the Performance range you will hear significantly better sound quality, with more detail
and greater dynamic range. All of your components will be improved and protected, allowing you to realize the best possible
performance whenever you listen.

Six outlet power bar, 40dB RFI reduction

3.4” W x 1.9” H x 18.8” D


Includes Initium C15 cable

Available in Black or Silver finishes

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