Spotlight: Customer Installed Media Center This gorgeous living room’s media center features McIntosh amplifiers for the Magnificent Sonus Faber IL Cremonese.    Featured Products: Amplifiers McIntosh-MEN220 Room Correction System Call 713-218-8120 for details Floor Standing/Towers Sonus Faber – IL CREMONESE Loudspeaker Call 713-218-8120 for details Subwoofers JL Audio Fathom f112v2-GLOSS Call 713-218-8120 for details Preamplifiers And Phono Stage/ Preamp […]

The Best DACs for 2022 (and Why You Need a *Good* One)

Anyone trying to squeeze quality sound out of a computer will fall short without a DAC, so we’ve explained the technology and uncovered the best DACs for 2022 What is a DAC? For anyone investing in high quality headphones or speakers that connect to a computer, a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) is an expected […]

The 5 Best Amplifiers of 2022 Will Blow Your Socks Off

5 Best Amplifiers of 2022

These 5 best stereo amplifiers of 2022 will please all astute music lovers and audiophiles – they range from reimagined classics to ultra powerful hybrid designs. Getting lost in the infinite details of research can become overwhelming when looking for the best stereo amplifiers, but we’ve been leading in the Hi-Fi world for years which […]

Headphone Buying Guide: 6 Essential Tips To Know Before You Buy

Headphone buying guide

By taking stock of your specific goals, this headphone buying guide can narrow your options so you can experience sound the way it was meant to be heard. High-quality headphones used to be reserved exclusively for sound studios and famous musicians, but as innovations have blossomed, the rest of us now have access to some […]

5 Best Hi Fi Speakers Of 2022 That Will Blow Your Mind


The 5 Best Hi-Fi speakers of 2022 range from Italian to French beauties, and each one celebrates the luxurious power of high quality sound.  Hi-Fi is short for high fidelity, an innovation of sound technology that has been around for nearly 100 years, but continues to improve year after year. Hi-Fi speakers today are not […]